What’s Poppin’ at the Dr Pepper Museum?
Jul 12, 2016

The Dr Pepper Museum is home to some of Dr Pepper’s most beloved treasures and artifacts. Located in downtown Waco, the birthplace of Dr Pepper, the museum attracts more than 60,000 visitors annually and has become the nation’s leading authority on Dr Pepper history.

The museum recently added 10,000 square feet of space to accommodate the brand new Emerson Holt-Ted Getterman Gallery with six new exhibits, as well as a revamped gift shop and a new soda fountain. These additions will add to the museum’s already expansive collection and provide fresh spaces for visitors to explore the rich history of America’s most popular non-cola soft drink and other iconic soft drink brands such as 7UP, Crush and Big Red.

“The Emerson Holt-Ted Getterman Gallery adds to the soft drink history we share with the public every day,” says Jack McKinney, executive director of the museum. “The Getterman family's 7UP story has its roots in central Texas and connections throughout the beverage industry as a whole.”

New Spaces

One of the most exciting showrooms of the new gallery is the Treasures of the Dr Pepper museum. Housed in a vault originally built in 1882, this exhibit showcases some of the museum’s rarer pieces, including art plates, 1930s Seltzer bottles and well-known American painter Gillette A. Elygren’s 1940 Orange Crush oil canvas. The exhibit also features a video presentation detailing some of the operational functions of a museum and how a museum collects its pieces.

Another addition, The Liquid Laboratory, includes a cooking demonstration, a logo game testing visitors’ ability to recognize brands and smell and taste demonstrations. Also new to the Gallery is The Curator’s Window, which presents a video to visitors explaining how the museum keeps and stores what it has collected over the years.

The Holt 7UP Beverage Co. Bottling exhibit, originally a simulated bottling line displayed in Las Vegas, was brought to Waco and redone with 7UP branding. The exhibit is an exact replica facade of the original 7UP bottling plant in Waco and runs for eight minutes at a time throughout the day. Other additions in the Gallery include Dr Pepper on Wheels—a collection of trains, trucks and wagons—and The Big Red Story.

Peggy Pepper’s Emporium and Frosty’s Soda Shop have both been reborn into one large, open space with the expansion of the museum. Visitors can now enjoy hot dogs and Dr Pepper while examining special historic elements in the courtyard, such as graphic panels and the Dr Pepper sign from the old Dr Pepper headquarters building on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas.

Didya Know? 5 Fun Facts about the Dr Pepper Museum

  1. Ownership and Operations. The museum is owned and operated by the private, nonprofit Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute, which was established in 1988. The museum opened its doors to the public in 1991.
  1. Summer camps. The museum offers three weeks of five-day summer camps designed to teach children about business practices through an in-depth exploration of the soft drink industry. Participants learn the ins and outs of the industry through hands-on activities such as creating advertising campaigns, making sodas and creating soft drink flavors.
  1. Doc Rock. The museum is proud to house Waco’s only cold slab with mix-ins in Frosty’s Soda Shop. Known as the Doc Rock, the cold slab regularly delights customers by mixing in sodas with their favorite ice cream flavors.
  1. 10-2-4 Collectors Club Convention. Each year, the Dr Pepper Museum hosts the annual 10-2-4 Collectors Club Convention. The 10-2-4 Collectors Club is comprised of Dr Pepper collectors who enjoy sharing in the beverage’s history, selling and trading pieces, and scouting for more. This year, the club celebrated “Dr Pepper and the Military.”
  1. Building & Location. The museum is housed in the old Artesian Manufacturing & Bottling Co., building where Dr Pepper was bottled more than 100 years ago. Located in the heart of Waco, the Dr Pepper Museum is part of the city’s Silo District, which includes hometown favorites Magnolia Market, The Findery and Balcones Distillery. The Silo boasts a unique assortment of shops, restaurants and museums.


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