Meet the 2016 Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway Grand Prize Winners
Learn about the great plans they have after graduating.
Dec 20, 2016
Dr Pepper Grand Finalist Tuition Winners 2016

Since 2008, Dr Pepper has awarded more than $8 million in tuition to hard-working college students through the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway. After being making the finals, these contestants competed for $100,000 in tuition money during halftime in the SEC, PAC 12, Big 10, and ACC championship games.

Kyle Degman – PAC 12
Major: Microbiology
University: George Fox University

Life ambition: Growing up with six siblings and a mother who was diagnosed with cancer, Kyle learned from an early age the importance of hard work to achieve your goals. After graduation, Kyle plans to attend optometry school and open his own optometry practice. Kyle hopes to use his knowledge and experience and work with underprivileged children in countries throughout Africa.  

Jarrius Adams – Big 10
Major: Public Affairs
University: University of Mississippi

Life ambition: Jarrius is passionate about public speaking and is majoring in public policy and political science. Battling various health challenges as a child, Jarrius used his voice to tell his story and change lives. Jarrius wants to continue to use his voice to raise awareness for education. He believes it is the most important tool we have to shape our future.

Christopher Curry – ACC
Major: Mechanical Engineering
University: Texas A&M University

Life ambition: From a young age, Christopher had a love for science and math, and wants to use that passion to change the world. Christopher plans to start his own engineering company and bring cutting-edge technology to underdeveloped countries, improving the quality of life worldwide. When he’s not studying, Christopher enjoys singing recreationally and competitively and wants to music to remain a key component in his life.

Jaspal Mahal – SEC
Major: Health Promotion
University: University of Georgia

Life ambition: Seeing how a lack of health education impacted his family and community, Jaspal chose to major in health promotion. After graduation, Japal plans to get his master’s in public health and educate others about health. He believes that with proper health education, we can decrease doctor and hospital visits, increase our productivity, and save money and lives. 

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