The Art and Science of Product Displays
Jun 6, 2017
wonder woman grocery store display

Beverage displays are a familiar presence to shoppers in their favorite grocery stores. They celebrate holidays and special events or other moments of interest to consumers and serve an important purpose for both our brands and our retailers.

For our valued customers, they help drive excitement -- and traffic – in their stores, as well as beverage sales. For us, they’re points of interruption that bring our brands to life where our consumers buy our products and build shopper enthusiasm around our local and national promotions.

Craig Staser, a sales execution manager for DPS in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has been building and designing displays for more than 20 years. Craig likes working at DPS for numerous reasons including the focus on continuous improvement, our dedicated focus to serving customers, and the people he works with every day. “I wake up every morning excited about what the day brings,” Craig said. “We have the best brand portfolio in the market.”

As display activity builds around the country in anticipation of Dr Pepper’s tie-in to the highly anticipated summer blockbuster, Wonder Woman, Craig answered a handful of common questions about displays and shared his favorite display.

Q: Who comes up with the ideas for the displays and who designs them?
A: Over the years, many people have been involved with display design and builds. We have a team member in Irving who has been doing it for over 20 years. He has created most of the designs in this market.

Q: How are displays designed?
A: We use a spreadsheet, and shade each cell accordingly.

Q: For a tall display like Wonder Woman, how do you keep it from falling over?
We start with a strong base, tying in the 12 packs so they won’t lean. We also tape entire layers, across the entire width of the display.

Q: How do you protect yourself while lifting?
A: Each member of the team goes through safety training. There is an initial certification, as well as monthly training to make sure safety is the top priority. Our merchandisers use personal protective equipment such as gloves and steel toed shoes.

Q: What’s the most difficult/tallest display you’ve ever built or one that stands out in your mind?
We built a Dr Pepper/Mott’s display one year at a Commissary that used 26 pallets of 12 packs. We had to hand-stack every case, all the way to the ceiling.

Q: How long does it take you to put together a typical display?
A: Creative displays can range from 2-10 hours, depending on the size and detail that you are building. Most of the ones we build in DFW take 4-6 hours. The teams will assist each other and go to each other’s stores and assist with the build.

Q: What is the most elaborate display you’ve worked on?
A: One year we built a Dr Pepper Big XII Championship football display that looked just like a football stadium. Customers could look down into the “stadium” and see lights, goal posts, the field with yardage markers, Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper bottles with helmets on top. We designed them to look like two football teams playing against each other. The store loved it, and it got a lot of attention from customers.

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