The Wonder and Awe Beneath Every Snapple Bottle Cap
Jul 11, 2017








“Beavers were once the size of bears,” and “A camel has three eyelids,” are just two of the many surprising “Real Facts” that Snapple fans discovered on the inside of Snapple bottle caps. The idea for Snapple “Real Facts” originated in 2002, during a seemingly ordinary Snapple marketing meeting.

The team sought to take advantage of the “unused real estate” under the cap with something that would amaze and amuse Snapple drinkers, so they decided on facts … “Real Facts.” Since their introduction, Snapple “Real Facts” have popped in the minds of consumers and have become a phenomenon, a collector’s item and a key element of the Snapple brand’s quirky charm.

The very first tidbit of knowledge printed on a Snapple bottle cap was, “A goldfish's attention span is 3 seconds.” Although that one is now retired, the Snapple team has since approved nearly 1,100 facts with 256 in circulation at any given point. Over time, thanks to follow up research and consumer feedback, several formerly “Real Facts” have been put back on the shelf. A couple that no longer pass muster are, “the state of Maine has 62 lighthouses,” and “the only food that doesn’t spoil is honey.”

According to Stephan Verdeyen, associate brand manager for Snapple, the Snapple team tries to bring in 75 to 100 new “Real Facts” every year from a variety of sources.

“For the first 14 years, the team and our agency partners would get into a conference room to brainstorm, gathering information from anywhere and everywhere,” Stephan said. However, Snapple has since changed the process, and fact considerations can now be submitted from employees as well as consumers.

Stephan added that for a fact to be considered, it has to be supported by two verifiable, independent sources, – and be interesting.

With countless random facts in existence, some are interesting but still don’t make the cut. To help pare down the list, the Snapple brand team strives to select “Real Facts” that reflect Snapple’s fun, witty personality. Additionally, once per year the team revisits each fact to assure it is still accurate.

After having read nearly every “Real Fact” produced, Stephan says his favorite one is, “There is a lake in Australia called Lake Hillier that is bright pink,” and he was most surprised to read, “If you could drive your car upwards you would be in space in less than an hour.”

Whether it pertains to the color of a lake, or the distance from space, rest assured that Snapple drinkers will continue to experience the wondrous awe found on the flip side of every Snapple bottle cap for years to come.

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