One of a Kind Spotlight on Celisia Harris
Outside of working at DPS, she’s on the board of a nonprofit helping kids in crisis.
Sep 21, 2017

Celisia Harris, business development representative, has always had a heart for serving others, and her work at DPS led her to her latest opportunity to do so. When looking to sponsor events or donate product to non-profit organizations, she came across the St. Louis Crisis Nursery.

Once she participated in an event for the organization, she knew she had found her place. The St. Louis Crisis Nursery is a 24-hour safe haven for children from birth to age 12 whose families are going through tough times, including exposure to suicide, alcohol abuse or neglect.

She started volunteering her time by bringing her son to play with the kids, and within a few months, she joined the board. Recently, she was named board chair in recognition of her commitment and leadership.

“The moment I learned about the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, I developed an interest in the overall mission,” Celisia says. “Having witnessed people in need receive help and assistance through this organization, my passion to get involved grew stronger.”

Bringing her passion back to DPS, her Hazelwood team helps with toy drives and back-to-school drives throughout the year.

“From poverty to abuse to neglect, our communities continue to suffer from all of these issues,” she says. “These ongoing issues have been around for ages, and in some cases, continue to worsen. Social issues aren’t something we can fix overnight, but if we give people the right tools, resources and ability to help improve these conditions, we can make a difference.”

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