Toast to the Holidays with Flavors that Give Back
Dec 15, 2017

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7UP Squirt Canada Dry Green Bottle Program Salvation Army

Each year, the appearance of red kettles and the signature sound of bells ringing herald the arrival of the holiday season. For more than 125 years, the Salvation Army has been giving back through its Red Kettle Campaign. Its efforts now provide assistance to over 4.5 million people in the United States during the holidays, and the tradition has spread all over the world.

Once again, Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) is partnering with The Salvation Army to give back to the communities we serve. Through the end of the year, DPS is donating 10 cents to The Salvation Army for every specially marked 7UP, Canada Dry and Squirt 2-liter bottle, 20-oz. bottle and 12-pack sold.

If you need an extra incentive to support DPS's Green Bottle Holiday Program, check out the recipes below. Each holiday libation features at least one brand participating in the program, and they're all sure to please at your next family or office gathering —or in the comfort of your own living room.

From the DPS family to yours, may your holidays be merry, bright and flavorful!


7UP Holiday Punch

This classic recipe has only three ingredients, but don't let that fool you. It (party) punches above its weight and packs a whole lot of holiday "yum." This alcohol-free drink is great for the whole family.


  • 4 liters 7UP
  • 1 quart raspberry sherbet, or any desired sherbet flavor
  • 1 pt. vanilla ice cream


  1. Add everything except for sherbet into a one-gallon punch bowl.
  2. Float scoops of sherbet on top.
  3. Let sherbet soften in the punch for a few minutes before serving. Garnish with mint leaves and raspberries.

Santa's Secret

This punch is best served in a stemless glass.


Think of this punch as the 7UP Holiday Party Punch's more sophisticated sibling. Don't let that intimidate you though. It's still a fairly simple recipe, and the added ingredients give it a slightly more complex flavor profile with just the right amount of spice.


  • 1 quart orange sherbet
  • 2 liters 7UP
  • 12 oz. Canada Dry Ginger Ale
  • 6 ounces orange juice
  • 6 ounces cranberry juice


  • lemon slices
  • orange slices
  • cinnamon sticks
  • pumpkin spice


  1. Add ingredients to 1 gallon punch bowl and mix.
  2. Garnish the punch bowl with lemon, lime and orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and a touch of pumpkin spice.

Santa's Secret

To add a little extra “punch" to your punch, add rum to taste.



  • 16 ounces Squirt
  • 8 ounces Mott’s apple juice
  • 8 ounces apple-flavored whisky
  • 8 ounces caramel sauce
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 4 soft peppermints, crushed
  • Optional: Garnish with a soft peppermint stick.


  1. Mix all ingredients (except peppermint) in large punch bowl.
  2. Chill until ready to serve.
  3. Sprinkle crushed peppermint atop each drink immediately before serving.

Santa's Secret
The caramel sauce will settle, so stir again just before serving.


Canada Dry Ginger Eggnog

Eggnog is a holiday staple, and this version is quick and easy (always a plus for last-minute holiday prep). The recipe calls for ultra-pasteurized store-bought nog, eliminating concerns posed by raw eggs in its homemade counterpart. The Canada Dry Ginger Ale and bourbon thin out the eggnog a bit and give it some extra flavor (and kick).
  • 6 cups store-bought eggnog (ultra-pasteurized)
  • 20 ounces Canada Dry Ginger Ale
  • 12 ounces bourbon
  • Optional: crushed ginger snaps and/or candied ginger
  1. Mix eggnog, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and bourbon in punch bowl.
  2. Chill until ready to serve.
  3. Serve chilled in clear mugs or stemware.
Optional (either or both):
  1. Carefully dip outside rims of glassware in the nog. Roll rims in crushed ginger snaps.
  2. Garnish side of each glass with a piece of candied ginger.
Santa's Secret
If you want to take your garnish game to the next level, sprinkle colored sugar on top of each serving. A red/green combo stands out against the eggnog, while gold adds a touch of elegance.
Until 12/31/17 Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. will donate $0.10 for every specially-marked 7UP, CANADA DRY and SQUIRT 2-Liter bottle, 20oz bottle and 12-pack sold (minimum donation of $250,000 up to a maximum of $500,000) to The Salvation Army . Visit for more information about The Salvation Army
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