IBC, Stewart’s and Crush: Dr Pepper Snapple Aims to Hit the Sweet Spot with Fans of Premium Glass-Bottled Soft Drinks
Aug 1, 2016

At DPS, we’re committed to providing consumers with products tailored to their needs and wants. With “gourmet” carbonated soft drinks continuing to show strong growth among consumers wanting an authentic premium taste experience, we’re giving three of our gourmet CSD brands a makeover. IBC, Stewart’s and Crush are now made with real sugar, packaged with sleek and eye-catching new graphics in four-packs that give our retail customers more flexibility in merchandising.

“By reformulating IBC, Stewart’s and Crush in their classic glass bottle packaging, we’re looking to win over fans who enjoy timeless brands that appeal to their sense of nostalgia and sophistication,” says Kevin Brandvold, director of brand marketing at DPS. “At the same time, this reformulation will give us a new option for retailers who want to offer premium products sweetened with real sugar.”

Each brand has a rich heritage dating back to as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Crush was born in 1906, when Neil Ward developed an exclusive formula for a zesty orange soft drink. Frank Stewart first crafted Stewart’s with the intention of creating the world’s best tasting root beer in 1924, and the Kranzberg family helped grow IBC during the 20s and 30s by selling the root beer at well-known restaurants.

Reformulation is yet another exciting chapter in the proud histories of Crush, IBC and Stewart’s. As the gourmet CSD category continues to expand, we see great promise for our brands in this market.

Be sure to grab a four-pack on your next trip to the supermarket!

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